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Completely Painless Flooring is Now a Reality (Part 5 of 5)

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand what flooring does but there are so many choices to make from the type of flooring to where to buy it that the quality of the consultation really becomes the distinguishing factor. It truly makes all the difference! So remember only choose a floor only after you have had the benefit of a qualified consultation and then only based on a solid understanding of how your floors will benefit you and your family so you all can enjoy these benefits more, longer! And this does not take an understanding of flooring. It takes and understanding of ourselves, our families, and our homes… and this we already know better than anyone!



Completely Painless Flooring is Now a Reality (Part 4 of 5)

Respectable and qualified is all that’s responsible.

This may seem a bit more complicated but it’s actually the easiest… Choose a respectable and responsible company that offers qualified flooring consultation. If getting a new floor does not seem so simple… here is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. And, actually we come full circle. Getting a new floor does not require a degree in “floor-ology” or a PhD in “Negotiation and Conflict Resolution”! When we get right down to brass tacks, what we need to do is simple. We must find a reputable, responsible and respectable company that offers a selection and range of service suitable to our flooring hopes and needs. Obviously, one of the first things we must verify is that the company displays its legal responsibility through written guarantees which it openly promotes. This is how we know it will graciously uphold any and all promises thereby allowing us to enjoy all the benefits of our new floor.

Having established this, there are only a couple more things to consider.We should always avoid companies that try to lure us into the flexible pricing “game.” Respectable companies will have a stated, “Non-negotiation Policy” that is to say their price will be fixed. When working with a company where the price they charge depends on a customer’s ability to negotiate a “deal,” one must always realize we are playing a dangerous game where the company is our opponent, not our partner, and that our opponent’s obvious aim is precisely to take advantage of us! Playing this game always puts us at risk of being ripped off and over charged. Think about it this way: whenever a sales person gives you a price then (perhaps after “talking” to her supervisor, manager, boss, or even the owner, or the owner’s dog!) offers you some discount (usually
justified by some exceptional –and sensational!- circumstance, such as a one-time only discount or “because he’s just in a good mood” or “it’s the last day of the month and I want to win a sales contest” or anything) to get you to buy, you must realize this company’s sole purpose is to make money by taking advantage of you, its potential customer! Just say, “No!” This definitely does not qualify as respectable or responsible, and it’s not even fun. Because, let’s face it, where does this slippery slope end? What other disreputable tricks will a company like this pull to make more money at your expense?

Responsible flooring companies offer capable, qualified flooring consultation not sale’s gimmicks designed to fool you into buying. Qualified flooring consultation invests time and energy to learn about your flooring dreams, hopes, aspiration and needs. A qualified flooring consultant effectively refers you to the most fitting solutions available to you, your family, and your home, and will patiently explain and be able to show you your prospective new floor’s benefits. A qualified flooring consultant allows you to choose the best floor for your home and family so you can make informed decisions you know will result in making your home nicer and your life better!

Completely Painless Flooring is Now a Reality (Part 3 of 5)

Don’t depend on a warranty: get the benefit of a guarantee!

…But, what if it doesn’t…? It’s got a warranty, right? Well, yea… but… While warranties do represent an important measure of what a manufacture believes a floor can do under ideal conditions, warranties do not cover exceptions and include coverage only for those things the manufacturer can predict a floor will do under ideal conditions assuming… it has been manufactured properly. Iron-clad guarantees are different. They are the only way to go!

Look for floors that come with an iron clad Replacement Warranty. Replacement warranties usually say that if you are not happy with a floor you select before a specified time period, you can choose to have it replaced. While this seems like a terrific assurance, these warranties often come with exclusions and limitations, such as you paying for labor! Having a replacement warranty with “no exceptions,” one that covers labor makes an enormous difference. Removing both the “small print” that would disqualify you from taking advantage of this warranty and the other huge deterrent, additional cost, allows you to actually take advantage of the benefit of this warranty! One example of such a warranty is Carpet One’s Beautiful Guarantee, a replacement warranty that actually covers materials and labor! So, if within a specified amount of time you wish for any reason you had chosen differently, Carpet One will replace your floor with one of equal or lesser value at no charge! This means there is nothing to stop you from being totally happy with your new floor.

Next, look for a “Low Price Guarantee” so you can be sure you’ll get the best value for your money. While flooring stores generally keep prices competitive and so charge close to the same amount for the same products and services, you may occasionally find a “sale.” But it is an insurmountable task to shop enough to know when you have found the best deal! (Then just when you think you have
found it, the sale ends or another company puts your floor on sale and round
and round you go…) A “Low Price Guarantee” states that you won’t find the same floor with the same service offering (i.e. installation, finishing details, take-up of existing flooring, disposal of existing flooring, etc.) for less money, but if you do… the difference will be refunded to you! This allows you to shop confidently, knowing that you are getting the best price. And, if another company runs your floor on sale, you don’t have to jump in your car, scurry over there, and hurriedly give the salesman a deposit before the sale ends… A “Low Price Guarantee” assures you that you will get the best price or at least have the difference refunded. This is what I call, “Taking the ‘ouch’ out of shopping.”

The last (but not the least) warranty to look for is an “Installation
.” Let’s face it; a floor is not like most other things we buy because it is only finished after being installed. So knowing your new floor will be installed correctly proves just as important as choosing the right floor! We can choose the best, best looking floor out there; but, if it gets installed incorrectly, it will not perform properly or look right, and the result will prove extremely
disappointing! Having the assurance of an “Installation Warranty” insures that your finished floor will look and perform just like it should; so, you can enjoy all the great benefits of your new floor! And, that’s what’s important, isn’t it?

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Completely Painless Flooring is Now a Reality (Part 2 of 5)

Floors with Benefit’s

Think about how a floor will benefit you and your family.  Start by asking this fundamental question:  How will this floor improve my life?  (You read correctly!)  Your new floor should actually improve your life!  If not, what’s the point?  Will it save you time and energy because you won’t have to invest as much in cleaning it as a result of its easier maintenance?  Will it save you money because you won’t have to pay to replace it as often due to its durability?  Will you and your family enjoy spending more time in your family room because your new carpet is more comfortable as a result of its softer fiber?  Forget about what high-tech material it’s made out of, how many coats of finish, what species of tree a wood floor comes from, whether a tile is clay based or porcelain, who manufactured the carpet fiber, the density, twist, stitch rate, and all the other technical features less ethical salespeople may use to make us feel like we are not qualified to choose well without their help… and focus on what really matters!  “What will my new floor do to improve my life?”  Will your new floor make you feel proud when you admire it or comfortable when sink your toes into it?  Will it save you money?  Will it last?  Will it be easy to clean?  Will it resist stains?  Will it complement your window treatments, your sofa, comforter, paint color, counter-top, or all the above?  Will it give you the confidence to allow your kids to eat and drink on it so they too can enjoy your new floor?  You get the picture.  Approaching your choice from this prospective
and leaving the jargon to salespeople simplifies the process; so, you won’t
feel like you need to go back to school for a flooring education to choose well!  This actually ensures you will enjoy more about your floor for longer, so your choice will make you and your family happier and more comfortable in your home…  And thus actually improve your life!  This  is what we really want.  True?

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Completely Painless Flooring is Now a Reality (Part 1 of 5)

Are you among the countless American home-owners who, despite wanting or even needing new floors, delay selecting them or even put this experience off indefinitely because you’re concerned about making a mistake?

Completely Painless Flooring is Now a Reality

If you want to be certain you are pleased with your next floor, your wait is over.  Follow these simple steps to the floor you’ve always wanted…

Many of us assume selecting a new floor must be a painful experience, one second only to having a root canal.  It’s true…  Finding the right floor poses us with an array of concerns so daunting that this process can actually become overwhelming and, in the extreme case, incapacitating.  So let’s start by considering some of these concerns.  Then, as we will understand them better, we can consider how to overcome them so we can actually have that new floor after all!  (… And maybe we’ll even enjoy choosing it.)

Many of us fear we lack the ability, knowledge and experience to make this considered purchase in an informed way.  We actually let this worry dissuaded from choosing new flooring.  But really, we don’t lack any crucial information or experience; we lack the confidence, and we lack confidence for good reason!  But, believe it or not, we know everything we need to know to select wonderful new floors confidently.  We just don’t realize it yet.

Let’s face the facts…  We don’t purchase flooring often.  On average, Americans
replace their floors once every ten years; so, many of us may never even have tried to select a new floor.  When we do, we start to think about all the options.
Should we choose carpet, hardwood, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, natural stone tile, sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, or laminate flooring?  Which type of carpet…?  What color?  What effect will our flooring choice have on the look of our home?  What impact will we have on our floor?  With so many options that raise so many questions, how does anyone ever decide on a floor?  The flooring we select has a long-term and far-reaching effect!  Our floors finish around a ¼ of our home’s interior.  They have a more profound effect on the style and feel of our home than even paint.  And, our floors absorb all the most intense use and the worst kinds of abuse we and our families dish out.  We literally walk all over them!  Then we must reconcile ourselves to the cost!  Our floors can (and should) represent the single most costly investment we make inside our home, furniture and appliances notwithstanding.  Picking new flooring really may demand a great deal of thought, but all is not lost…  We already know everything we need to know to make the best flooring choices.  So, we  really can and should have the floors we want; and, believe it or not,  choosing can be easier done than said!  All you need is take the first step…

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Healthier Flooring Installation Is Now A Reality!

May  is “National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month.

If you suffer from allergies, you won’t need me to tell you that May is a peak season for asthma and allergy sufferers.  What you may not know is that each year, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) has declared May “National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month.”  We want to take this opportunity to educate ourselves, our families, and our friends about these diseases, things that we can do to help, and make you a very special offer.

Asthma & Allergy Awareness

While most of us may understand allergies are – “diseases” that cause our immune system’s to react in an exaggerated way to contact with certain foreign substances termed allergens.  How many of us really know what we can do to best to treat them and minimize the symptoms?

According to the AAFA, allergies can be managed.  After first consulting a physician, they suggest developing, “A plan that includes medical treatment and control of environmental triggers.”  This becomes a really important consideration for us because many of these environmental triggers reside in our homes!  Moreover, Baltimore ranks 46th in AAFA’s list of the “the 100 most challenging places to live with allergies” this year.  We who live with allergies or who live with family or friends who suffer with allergies know all too well how seriously allergy symptoms impact our quality life and that of our loved ones…  Especially when it comes to our children.

According to Dr. Don Shifrin with the American Association of Pediatrics, 1 in 6 children suffer from indoor allergies.  In fact, allergies (and asthma) are the most common chronic childhood diseases.  For these kids, whose “ immune systems overreact to substances that don’t have an effect on most  people,” allergy symptoms can range from nuisance to life-threatening.   In “A Minute for Kids,” Dr. Shifrin suggests that symptoms  range from runny noses, sneezing, and itchy eyes to skin rashes, difficulty breathing, and a feeling of a permanent cold.  What’s more concerning to parents of children with allergies is that allergens can trigger asthma.  He suggests that dust, mold, and animal dander are among the most common indoor allergens.  Among his tips for protecting allergic children (and we could add adults) from indoor allergens, Dr. Shifrin recommends consulting your doctor but then working to addressing the causes by doing things like changing filters for heating and cooling systems at least once a month, keeping pets (whose dander can trigger allergic reactions) out of bedrooms, and vacuuming dust regularly.  According to the American Association of Pediatrics, it is crucial for family members of the nearly five million American children affected by asthma to learn how to, “Identify and avoid asthma and allergen triggers; recognize and present asthma attacks, understand medications, and help manage symptoms.”  Clearly there is great hope for those of us suffering with allergy symptoms and asthma.  The American Academy of Pediatrics Committee offers encouragement that people who have allergies can live healthy and active lives…  But how can we help?

We can give you Flooring Installation That’s Better for Your Health and Home

Our Healthier Living™ Installation System (HLI) is the most revolutionary innovation in flooring installation technology and standards in more than a half century. It represents a change in installation technology and standards that provide for a healthier flooring installation that ensures a superior level of care and health benefits, cleaner, healthier installation practices designed to minimize irritants, dust and odors and to encourage better air quality and higher ecological standards.

An Industry-First Flooring Installation System Promotes Better Indoor Air Quality By Minimizing Mold, Mildew, Dust & Irritants.

HLI offers you the most radical flooring installation innovation in 60 years: it actually enhances the fundamental process, procedures and principles of flooring installation in order to address our clients growing demand for cleaner, healthier indoor air in response to the rising tide of concern about indoor pollutants and allergies.  HLI utilizes the most advanced technology to clean the air of dust, odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew that can trigger allergic reactions during and after home-renovation projects. We’ve designed this system to dramatically reduce your exposure to irritants that can provoke serious allergy and allergy-like symptoms. Our HLI System provides the highest quality and performance flooring installation available and offers a superior level of care; cleaner, healthier installation practices to help minimize irritants, dust and odors and to encourage better air quality and health benefits. Plus, our 100% recyclable Healthier Living™ Carpet Cushion allows the planet can breathe a little easier as well.  And… During the entire month of May we will give you free HLI, in honor of National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month!

Healthier Living™ Installation System

Healthier Living™ Installation (HLI) represents an entirely new approach to flooring installation that provides a cleaner and healthier installation. The HLI System applies a 3-pronged approach to improving the conventional flooring installation. First HLI protects your home’s indoor air quality by implementing our dust-reducing and dust minimizing HomeGuard Care System™ , a combination of active and passive measures designed to minimize dust and dirt exposure. Next, prior to installation our expert craftsmen installer applies our HealthinEx antimicrobial treatment directly to the sub-floor. This kills existing bacteria and viruses that may be present and become airborne during the installation, thereby maintaining your home’s air and surface quality. Then with carpet installation, the last (but not the least) component of the HLI System is the use of our premium antimicrobial cushion which provides continued protection from indoor air pathogens and enhanced comfort under foot. These three major initiatives contribute to a better, healthier, more responsible installation.

HealthinEx™ is an exclusive antimicrobial agent used to treat the subfloor prior to flooring installation. It disinfects, protects and diminishes mold, mildew and bacteria. Healthinex™ also traps microorganisms on the surface so they cannot become airborne, and so it also provides a lasting, clean surface that resists mold growth. Healthinex™ Pre-Installation treatment is registered with the EPA and has proven safe and effective in over 30 years of use in other industries like the furniture, medical, marine, and construction. This treatment contributes to making flooring installation healthier when applied to the sub-floor to kill any remaining bacteria, germs or mold after old flooring removal and vacuuming and prior to installation of the new floor covering. This treatment also prohibits microbes from becoming airborne during the installation and provides a cleaner start for the new installation.

  • Destroys harmful bacteria, germs, viruses, and molds on the sub-floor
  • Prohibits microorganisms on the surface from becoming airborne during the installation
  • Helps to diminish, but will not eliminate pet odors
  • Preserves the home’s indoor air quality for the duration of the installation

When used as directed, is proven safe for use in all residential areas of the home

Throughout the installation, our HomeGuard Care System™ ensures that dust and particulates are contained to and removed from the work area. We will use a HEPA filter-equipped vacuum that will not release dust back into the home before and after we install your new flooring. The HomeGuard Care System features HEPA vacuuming of the sub-floor prior to us installing your new flooring and  your new flooring after installation because this process minimizes the dust and particulate matter in that can trigger allergy, asthma, and other symptoms and generally keeps the indoor air cleaner than a standard vacuum. HEPA vacuums trap large amounts of microscopic particles that other vacuum cleaners re-circulate back into the air of the home, resulting in cleaner indoor air. HEPA vacuums stop 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger from becoming airborne. A conventional vacuum cleaner removes particulates down to about 35 microns or larger in size.

The HomeGuard Care System also provides for the use of surface protection shoe covers that are used over shoes to prevent dirt and grit from being brought inside inadvertently. In addition, the HomeGuard Care System utilizes a dust containment barrier during flooring removal and installation when the work environment allows for the practical and safe use of a barrier. A simple barrier consisting of poly sheeting is taped over doors and other openings in the room and can “contain” the work area dust and debris throughout the duration of the installation.

Finally, for carpet installations, we use a premium antimicrobial carpet cushion that blocks spills from seeping through and inhibits growth of mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria. The premium Healthier Living™ antimicrobial cushion provides continued protection from mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria, as well as provides enhanced comfort underfoot. The exclusive Spill Block technology repels liquid and prevents spills from soaking through the pad and the antimicrobial treatment controls mold and odors. The cushion is formulated to reduce the presence of allergens and eliminate problems resulting from moisture. It is also 100% recyclable, so even satisfies our environmental conscience. In addition, Healthier Living™ premium cushions feature a Forever Warranty, which guarantees the cushion will never lose resiliency during the life of the home, or George’s Carpet One Floor & Home will replace the cushion and the carpet-no questions asked. Furthermore, when you use the HLI cushion we double your new carpet’s wear and texture retention warranties.

By minimizing dust and odors, the cleaner, healthier practices of the Healthier Living™ Installation promote better home air quality, especially for families in which allergies and dust sensitivities present a concern. The system also ensures that the subfloor under the carpet is sanitized. During the Healthier Living™ Installation, extra precautions keep dust, bacteria and particles from becoming airborne and moving throughout the home when old flooring is removed, and new is installed. Coupled with these high-tech steps to remove and prevent mold, mildew and bacteria growth under the carpet, this system is one-of-a-kind!

And, we also offer an complete array of flooring solutions to help diminish allergens and improve indoor air quality.

And remember, to make it even easier for you to use our HLI service, in honor of National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, we will give you HLI FREE for the rest of  May!

And,, let’s not forget about our guarantees:  As always…

Call, email, go online, or visit our store for more information or to get started  making your home healthier.

George’s Carpet One Floor & Home


Updating Your Home with Decorating Ideas that are Perfect for a Busy Family


For those of us with kids, pets and busy schedules, our homes can often feel like a congested space filled with clutter, rather than the beautiful home we’ve always imagined.  It sometimes seems like an impossible feat to maintain a tidy and organized house with so many toys, books, shoes and mail everywhere!  However, with some simple decorating ideas from the experts, you can transform your house into a neat and family-friendly environment for the New Year.


One of the biggest challenges of living with a busy family is keeping surfaces like counters, walls and floors clean and free of clutter and messes.  The key to overcoming this challenge is to start with the right surfaces!  Try some of these ideas for family-friendly decorating, from the floor up.


Choosing the right flooring can save you a lot of time and energy.  For a high-traffic area in your home, you should opt for either a durable hard surface, like tile, hardwood, laminate, or vinyl or carpet that is specially designed to resist stains and spills. 


There are stylish, comfortable and functional carpets for all the rooms in which your family lives.  Good Housekeeping carpet, which is made with a unique fiber called Resista, represents a terrific solution for busy families.  Carpet made with Resista actually repels stains, so it is easy to clean and will retain its color and softness much longer.  And Relax, It’s Lees®,  offers families a new kind of carpet for the hectic world in which families live.  It offers the perfect blend of fashion and performance.  Lees features Ultra 25® with Scotchgurard Protector for groundbreaking stain protection and ExtraLoc® backing with double the density of standard carpets. Technical innovation plus a broadpalette of colors and styles will help you achieve your creative vision and not have to worry about spills!  These are both great options for families with kids, who often track in dirt on their shoes or tend to spill their food.  There are also hard surface flooring styles that are great family-friendly options. 


Since kids tend to walk around with sticky fingers, you should also opt for a wall treatment that will stand up to your family.  Look for a type of paint that is designed specifically for kids.  Most hardware stores carry styles that can be wiped clean and will withstand moisture. 


The right flooring and wall treatment will make cleaning up much less time-consuming, but what about all the clutter?  We also have some great tips for staying organized in every room in your home.  These ideas will help you get a great start on clutter!


§  Organize your entryway.  Your mudroom or entryway can often be one of the most disorganized areas in your home.  This area tends to collect shoes, coats, mail and bags from every member of your family.  The best way to combat this clutter is to add shelves, hooks and racks to your closet to make sure that everything has its own place.  Try placing hooks lower on the wall so that your kids can hang up their own coats and book bags when they come in the house.


§  Choose the right furniture and flooring.  In a room that’s used by the family every day, choose furniture and flooring that are easy to care for.  Opt for furniture made with durable fabrics and choose a pattern or a neutral tone that will camouflage wear and tear from your kids.  Save the more luxurious fabrics for an accent pillow or a throw.  Fabrics like chenille or crinkled velvet will give the room a more formal feel, but are still more durable than something like silk.


Choose flooring that is easy to clean or that hides dirt.  It’s easy to clean up spills and messes from a hard surface like ceramic tile, hardwood, laminate or vinyl.  Plus, these surfaces are generally scratch, dent and wear resistant, which is perfect if you have small children who may drop toys or books on the floors.  For a more comfortable room, try carpet in neutral tones or a multi-colored style that will hide dirt and wear.


§  Add storage in a playroom or child’s bedroom.  The best way to hide toys, books and other clutter is to create lots of extra storage space in a room.  You can use something simple and inexpensive, like stacked plastic bins for smaller toys or a colorful bookshelf for larger games and toys.  An over-the-door organizer is perfect for holding shoes, stuffed animals and sports equipment.


§  Keep your collectibles out of reach.  It’s a common problem that many parents face: you want to display your grandmother’s china and other family heirlooms, but you’re too afraid that one of your kids will break them.  The answer to this dilemma is to strategically display your favorite antiques and heirlooms out of the reach of your kids!  Try hanging china and old photographs on the wall above a mantle or on a high, free-standing shelf.  Or choose a stable curio that you keep locked.  These options will allow you to enjoy these collectibles, while ensuring that your children aren’t tempted to touch them or knock them over. 


§  Hide the clutter with storage pieces that look good and serve a purpose.  If your kids are used to playing in the living room or a central area, the plastic storage bins probably don’t match the décor.  There are plenty of options that double as a beautiful table or shelf and the perfect storage space.  Look for an antique trunk to use as a coffee table in your living room – this can be used as a storage space for games, toys, pillows and extra blankets.  A side table with drawers and doors can hide small toys, your kids’ favorite DVDs and miscellaneous items.  For larger things, like an oversized stuffed animal or big toy, try an old cabinet.  You can display photographs or place a nice lamp on the top of the cabinet, while keeping toys, games and books out of sight in the space below.     


Although maintaining an organized household with a busy family can prove difficult, it can be done with creative storage ideas and the right materials, with simple ideas like these aimed at striking that balance between function and form, a functional living space and an attractive home! 


For more family-friendly decorating ideas, visit www.georgesc1.com.