About MD C1’s Blog

Our focus is on investigating some of the more compelling flooring curiosities.  If you’re looking for tips on how to select new carpet, hardwood, ceramic tile, laminate, or vinyl flooring for your home or you want to learn how to install your new flooring materials or care for your existing flooring, you may want to check our website (www.georgesc1.com), call or, if your close, visit our store, George’s Carpet One Floor & Home.  While we will try to offer some useful information and instruction of the usual, garden variety, this is not exactly our focus.  The way we figure, you can find this kind of data elsewhere.  So, if you need to find a foolproof way to clean a stain out of your dining room carpet, need to figure out how to finish your new hardwood flooring at your top step, or, more generally, want to explore how you can use your flooring to make a house into your home, check our technical sections and we hope you find some helpful advice…  But, if you, like us, endeavor to greater insight, to delve more deeply in to the shag of flooring, beneath the entangled pile of fluff and past the banality of the floors on which we merely walk… if you want to explore how you can use your flooring to make your house into the home of your dreams, read on!  We hope you enjoy. 


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