Tigressa™ Softstyle Carpet Introduction

Soft and Strong Make One Amazing Carpet

We are so excited about the Tigressá SoftStyle Carpet launch beginning in April that we just couldn’t wait to spill the beans.  The Tigressá line will include several of the heartiest and coziest styles available.  And the color pallet is out of this world.  You’ll have to see it (and feel) it to believe it. 

Sources tell us that Tigressá Softstyle Carpet collection will feature the strength and resilience of precision nylon fibers with a soft touch unlike any other carpet.  

While the most obvious feature of this revolutionary product may be its softness, as we understand it, it  is Tigressá’s strength and durability in that really sets it apart from other carpets.  We are being told that its super-strong, nylon fibers are packed so tightly (actually twice the number of fibers per square inch compared to standard nylon carpet) that they will stand up better to daily carpet abuse.  While this advanced yarn engineering allows for microscopic fibers that result in hearty yet pleasant, luxurious feeling pile, they have utilized a unique geometric fiber shape designed not only to withstand force but to allow Tigressá to maintain pristine color and appearance. Where other carpets begin fading and matting, Tigressá has been engeneered to stand firm, remains supple, and retains a deeper color texture.  (Pretty exciting stuff!!!)

“The key to Tigressá’s strength is a type of nylon that holds the twist better and longer, which allows the carpet to hold its new appearance much longer than other carpets.” explains Charlie Dilks, Chief Product Officer for CCA Global Partners. “Tigressá’s soft feel means our customers no longer have to choose between soft and strong.”

…  And, we can’t wait!  We will have more to come as more information becomes available or check our our website for this and other soft carpet options: www.georgesc1.com.


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