Bamboo Flooring Installation

This installation presented us some challenges and required a great deal of technical ingenuity above and beyond that normally required, such as: a correcting an epoxy floor pour previously botched by another contractor, leveling a severely irregular concrete floor, addressing concerns with a radiant heat system, just to name a few; but, I think you’ll agree that the finished floor turned out beautifully.   

Our customer selected Teragren‘s Synergystrand bamboo flooring in the Wheat color because she was looking for a more unique and contemporary aesthetic, one that would coordinate with her home’s architecture and her personal style.  She also needed a floor that was durable and hard enough to stand up to her dogs.  She chose this floor because she felt the finished floor Teragren achieves by fusing bamboo fibers together into boards would result in a very special look, and the durability of the finish and hardness of the floor absolutely won her over.  Plus, the colors really complimented her home’s stone work and knowing this floor was more ecologically friendly was the icing on the cake.    

 This first image shows the great room completed.  This choice really complemented her home magnificently!



 These images are, unfortunately, the best before shots we have. You can see the original poured floor and the way the edges were finished around the stairs. Yipes!





Another image of what we had to work with!

This sequence of images perhaps best demonstrate the dramatic transformation we achieved by this flooring installation. Compare the original images above to these. We used the manufactures pre-finished stair-nose to frame the steps.

What an enormous improvement!

The rough flagstone walls throughout this space demanded quite a bit of attention. We scribed each board so that it would contour neatly to the stonework and our customer loved it! The floor fit against the variegated stone and mortar joints like a well tailored suit!

This image also allows a slight glimpse of the near mirror smooth and flat flooring that resulted of our K15 pour.

(And yes, that is John in the background, surveying his handy work—not posing.)

 The finished floor was stunning. The paint job—not so much. (We do not paint walls only trim!)

This view from the bedroom, down the hall and into the great room shows the longest run of flooring and the expanse of this project.

For more information on Teragren’s
strandbamboo flooring; other flooring options, colors, pricing, etc.; flooring design, installation, or maintenance; feel free to read on in our blog or go to our website.


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