Wools of New Zealand: Who’d guess being ecologically responsible could be so much fun? (Part II)

Borrowed from Wools of New Zealand:

Wool: An Environmentally Friendly fiber

New Zealand is the world’s second largest wool exporter to all markets and is the leading carpet wool supplier. That’s because New Zealand wool is naturally the cleanest and whitest wool in the world for all purposes. And we are committed to preserving both quality and the environment.

As a policy Wools of New Zealand will:

  • Mitigate or avoid wherever possible the environmental impact of wool production in New Zealand.
  • Advance wool production that is economically viable, environmentally sustainable and consistent with the maintenance of animal health and productivity.
  • Support targeted research and programmes that develop technologies and processes that improve environmental performance.
  • Communicate to farmers and brand partners the best available technology for environmental management and compliance.
  • Ensure that to qualify for the Wools of New Zealand label, carpets and rugs are produced by the most environmentally acceptable methods available.

New Zealand woolgrowers enjoy the support of the world’s best technical and research facility in AgResearch. They are committed to scientific land management to ensure minimal environmental impact – less than that of the other wool-producing countries.

Through successive investment in research & development, New Zealand wool is scoured using the most energy and water-efficient system in the world. Scientific land management and flock rotation ensure that the land will provide this natural fiber for future generations to use and enjoy.

Protecting Purity
For protection against lice, pesticides are applied to sheep. New Zealand wool is free from banned pesticides, and those used are similar to ones utilised to protect food crops. Any slight residue on wool is removed during the scouring process.

Pesticide levels have been reduced by one-half since 1993, making New Zealand’s sheep industry one of the world’s greenest animal production systems. New Zealand’s ongoing commitment to the environment continues, with the goal to further reduce or eliminate the use of various non-banned chemicals.


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