Wools of New Zealand: Who'd guess being ecologically responsible could be so much fun?

Borrowed from Wools of New Zealand:

Save the Earth


Discover the Good Nature of New Zealand Wool

Sheep outnumber people in New Zealand 13 to 1 and are a natural icon for the country. Living in the green hills and gentle, unpolluted climate, sheep enjoy unique natural advantages that enable them to grow incredibly beautiful, superior wool.As the world’s largest exporter of wool for carpets, New Zealand farmers have access to a vast repository of research and a strong legacy of wool harvesting skills. Such expertise ensures that their techniques impose minimum environmental impact and guarantees better animal care.

New Zealand Wool: A Fabulous fiber!
New Zealand sheep produce a naturally strong and uniform wool fiber which is flame retardant and resistant to dirt and crushing. It’s also naturally versatile. And because New Zealand wool is exceptionally pure and white, it possesses excellent dyeing characteristics that assure striking, rich, saturated color.

Environmentally Friendly
New Zealand wool used to manufacture products that carry the Wools of New Zealand mark carpets is one of the purest, most ecological fibers in the world. To produce this biodegradable and renewable resource, only environmentally responsible production methods are used. And the manufacturing process and the products themselves must conform to environmental requirements in the country of consumption.

Through the research of Wool Research Inc., New Zealand wool is scoured using the most energy and water-efficient system in the world. Moreover, scientific land management and flock rotation ensure that the land will nurture this natural fiber for generations to come.
No internationally banned pesticides are used on New Zealand sheep farms. Since 1993, pesticide levels have been cut in half, making New Zealand’s sheep industry one of the world’s greenest animal production systems. Any slight residue on the product is removed during the scouring process.

So when you see the Wools of New Zealand mark , you will know it is applied only to wool carpets meeting the highest quality – and environmental – standards.


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