Whether you’re newly married, just moved into a new apartment or anxiously anticipate the upcoming spring, sometimes giving your home an updated look is the perfect way to get a fresh start.  Simply shifting the focal point, using different colors or adding some unique pieces can change the atmosphere of a room and help you begin the next chapter in your life. 

 So try some of these simple decorating ideas from the experts whenever you need a change or some inspiration!

 Repaint the walls

 A little color can go a long way.  The simplest and least expensive way to update your home is with paint.  Rather than painting all the walls one color, opt for a few different colors and alternate walls.  For an added touch, paint the baseboards and window trims a complementing color other than white.  You can even paint the ceiling a bold color, if you’re feeling more daring.

 From the Floors Up

Changing the floors in a space is another great way to revitalize any room.  Replacing the existing carpeting with beautiful hardwood floors can transform a room into a more elegant and inviting space.  Though installing new flooring may seem like a big project, you’ll be glad you put in a little extra effort when you see the impact beautiful new floors can make on your home!  A change like this doesn’t require you get the blessing of an interior designer.  You can choose the right flooring to will match the look and feel you’re hoping to achieve.  To further cut the cost of such an update, consider making it a ‘DIY’ project and making the improvement a labor of love!  The installation process may be easier than you think.   

For a quick flooring change:

·         Area rugs are the perfect way to update a room in a matter of minutes.  If you have a hard surface in the room, simply adding a brightly colored or textured area rug will warm up the space and create a nice focal point.  Area rugs are available in many different styles, sizes and price ranges, so you’re sure to find one to fit your needs.

·         Earthscapes is collection of resilient flooring that is completely glue-less resilient sheet flooring, so the installation process is much quicker and easier.  This collection offers a beautiful range of different wood and stone styles from which to choose.  Plus, if you get tired of one style, it’s easy to change out a glue-less flooring so you can update the look again in a year! 

Combine the Old and the New

If you’re merging your style with someone else’s, after getting married, for example, try keeping some of each of your old favorite pieces while shopping for some new pieces together.  That way, you’ll both feel like you created the space together, but you’ll still be able to keep some of the same furnishings that you love. 

First determine the types of renovations or furnishings that will best improve your home, and then figure out a style that will suit both your tastes.  New cabinets, flooring or lighting can give your home a fresh new look – one that you created together – and can also add to your home’s value when it comes time for resale.  For a less costly update, consider shopping together for furniture that expresses both of your tastes.


Create a New Focal Point

Changing the focal point of a room is another great way to give the room a fresh, new look.  Try removing all of the large pieces of furniture and artwork from the room so that you can actually see the architecture of the space.  The largest piece of furniture should go on the longest wall.  You can accent that area even further by painting it with a bold color like indigo or dark red.  This will have a powerful effect on the space and will draw attention to that area.  Hanging a great piece of artwork, one that pulls in the color from the wall, will draw attention, and create a focal point.   This is a great way to finish the space.

Another option is to shift the focal point upwards.  Most people never consider adding a little style to their ceiling, even though there are many interesting touches you can add to this often-unused surface.  It may seem like quite a challenge, but there are many options for retro-fittable panels and faux beams in materials like wood and tin.  Also try adding crown molding to give the room a nice finished look and draw the focus upwards.


One-of-a-kind Pieces

Though it’s a great way to give your room a new look, finding a piece of furniture or artwork that is one-of-a-kind can be extremely costly.  Why not create a new piece yourself?  You can be sure that it’s an original and it will cost much less! 

Try painting bold stripes on a piece of neutral colored furniture that you already own, like an end table, a bookshelf or even a lampshade.  Make sure you sketch out the design first, and then use a T square and low-tack painter’s tape to mark off the piece.  Use high quality paint and long brush strokes and make sure that you remove the tape before the paint dries, so that the paint won’t peel off. 


A one-of-a-kind painting is also a perfect accent piece.  Even if you aren’t a natural artist, creating your own original artwork isn’t nearly as difficult as you would assume.  It’s easiest to paint something abstract – use just a few bold colors to coordinate with the rest of the room and try to keep it simple.  Create three paintings with a similar theme, and then frame them to hang above the sofa or other large piece of furniture.  When your guests comment on your unique artwork, you can proudly say that you painted them yourself!

Spring is a perfect time!  We don’t need any excuse for turning over a new leaf by redecorating: update your home any time you want a fresh new start.  We hope these ideas will help you to make a big change with just a little bit of effort, allowing you to be creative and to express your own style.  So, if you’re looking forward to a significant event or change this year, make sure you revitalize your home – old or new – with an updated style to match.

For more decorating ideas and all your flooring needs, visit


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